Projects, Projects, Projects!

Project Time

I’ve realised recently that I have had a distinct lack of direction in the photography that I do and I finally feel as though my technical skills won’t hinder my ability to tell a story.  So, yesterday I decided that I needed to begin some larger projects that will run over a period of time rather than just being short term or never-ending, as I find that allows me to get distracted.  I’ll still be shooting my favourite topic, landscapes, but these projects will be a little more personal to me and the worlds that I live in.

I won’t be sharing the results or contents until they are completed as I don’t want to start changing direction and it become confusing or if they don’t work and I abandon them.


I’ll be using a few key bits of equipment for these projects and I’ll be sticking religiously to those to save any confusion and to give it all a unified look.  I’m hoping I’ve made the right camera choices but I shall find out soon enough!

The first camera I will be using is my beloved Mamiya 645 Pro TL as it’s just an amazing camera all round.  The negatives it produces are amazing and coupled with a high quality film I get shots I struggle to tell from digital work but with the unique look of medium format depth of field.  The film I will be using will be a variety of Ilford Delta based films as the new emulsions provide great quality results with very fine grain.  This makes it incredibly easy to scan and also easy to print from.

The next camera I’ll be using is the Fuji X-Pro1 as it’s so portable and fast to use and the results are incredible.  It’s so nice to have a camera that’s fairly inconspicuous but also has the reliability and quality of a DSLR. I will most likely be switching between the 27mm and 18mm lenses on this but I will make some final decisions once I get started.

Lastly, I may also use my Olympus OM-20 camera with Ilford HP5+.  This is a maybe as 35mm is not as easy to get high quality scans from with the scanner that I own and I don’t want to be switching between too many cameras at one time as I find I begin to duplicate shots for the sake of it or I simply have a few shots one each one and nothing cohesive to look at.  I do own a lot of 35mm and I love the look of HP5+ so I think this will be something I end up using but for now I’m undecided.


Why shoot a project that’s going to take a long time and lots of effort and not share along the way?  Well, I feel as though with other areas of my photography I’ve reached a climax where there’s no reason for me to push my boundaries anymore or it is very easy to just keep doing what I’m used to.  I’m also finding having no direction in what I shoot is beginning to make me shoot less often and with a distinct lack or subject.  I see so many amazing bodies of work that have a strong theme and I always think ‘How did they manage to get all those people at the same time?’ which I realise is because they’ve actually spent ages putting it altogether!

I also want to see where my ability to tell a story photographically will take me as I’ve never done this before.  Can I convey a strong message through the photos I take? If not, what do I need to do?  I think this will help me to progress and see the stories unfold in front of me rather than snap-shotting.


Well it’s time for me to sign off and go and start!  At least today the conditions are a little more predictable than yesterday.  Changing light you are a nightmare!!!!!