The colours of autumn

The colours of autumn


Every year I realise that autumn is my favourite photographic season, although I don’t think I’m alone on this.  I find I love the breadth of colours you can find but I also like the change in weather.  The cool chill contrasting with the incredibly warm colours that surround, is a beautiful way to spend some time outside.


I have access to some amazing areas in the autumn period which does leave me spoilt for choice.  One of my favourite locations is Padley Gorge which positively glows in the autumn season.  The beautiful reds, yellows and oranges contrast with the remaining green on the tree trunks and the flowing water the splits the centre of the woodland.


The water is another of my favourite elements to see in a landscape as it often adds a level of movement and reflection into an image.  It can often breathe life into a still image and feel as though you are watching the water itself flow.

I found myself on this evening, well early afternoon, around this single area in Padley Gorge as I loved the sound of the water flowing around me and the strength of the colours I could see.  It felt strange to walk up and away from the flow of water and to be surrounded by near silence and just the distant roar of the river.


I shot all these images on Ektar 100 but I wasn’t sure they would convey the strength of colour that I saw as the light was beginning to dim.  The cover of the trees made the area incredibly dark early on and led to some really long exposures.  It encouraged to shoot a little differently and use wider apertures, something I don’t often do in landscape work.