The Lake District

The Lake District

The Lake District

Once a year I go on a camping trip with girlfriend to the Lake District as it really is one of the most beautiful places I get to visit.

It’s always been difficult finding countryside I find exciting as I am spoilt by having the Peak District so close to my front door.  Not that this is particularly a bad thing but it some times meant I didn’t fancy the lengthy journey to the Dales as it didn’t seem, to me, much more dramatic.  I know people who visit it more frequently than I do will argue the point of this but the mountains came to a gradual summit.

This is where the Lakes blew my mind and got me really excited; these mountains started at the lakeside and quickly rose to 800m!  I could see the lake and the summit in the same view and this is what I’d wanted to see for a long time.

An example here of a shot using the 150mm lens from across a small lake.

Fleetwith Pike across Buttermere Lake.

I have been several times to Buttermere now and I am glad this is the first area my partner and I chose to visit.  It has everything we wanted for a camping and walking trip plus more.  The above shot looking towards Fleetwith Pike is what I had been yearning to see, climb and photograph for a long time and something that alluded me in the Peak District.

Sunset over Grassmoor from Crummock Water

Another beautiful element of the Lakes is the glorious colour that is abundant on all the scenery.  Due to the sheer volume of rain (probably the only real negative) the colours are bright and powerful but bring about an amazing contrast with the water that often surrounds these epic mountains.  The above picture looking towards Grassmoor was taken the evening after walking the loop that takes you on top of it.  It is amazing to see the opposing views in the same day and enjoy each one for different reasons.  It truly is a place of beautiful colour be that in it’s natural form of greens, reds and brown or from the beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

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The Rain

Unfortunately on every trip to the Lakes at some point I have had the pleasure of getting drenched from one down pour or another, and this is to be expected.  However this is not simply a time to pack up and go home but one where you can enjoy the local ales and I also find time to get some of the most dramatic images and scenes the Lakes have to offer.  It is also a time I switch back to one of my favourite types of negative – black and white.


The above shot is a pretty famous view over Buttermere Lake but it is one where I really wanted the silhouette of the tree against Fleetwith Pike where for once they stood level to one another.  The clouds were rolling in over Haystacks and slowly covering the sky.  A very different image to the bright and colourful images of before.



This is a personal favourite as it was a wet and windy day but with the water sitting low and the stick poking through the choppy water it was perfect for a long exposure.



I also love that people come for their own reasons and their own way of enjoying the scenery.  Not everyone wants to hike, take pictures or skim stones as this woman above showed.  She was perfectly content to read her book with the best scenery possible.  Who need’s TV when you can combine those 2 and a warm day?


A few more images

I hope you have enjoyed my little personal reflection on what I love about the Lake District and I think some of the greatest moments I don’t even have images of (watching shooting stars next to a fire pit, getting caught in a hailstorm or the feeling of climbing my largest mountain to date) are things others would enjoy too.

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