The revisit

The revisit

Looking back

As I keep shooting more and more images it’s quite easy to disregard plenty of photos that simply didn’t take your fancy at the time.  However, I have started to look back through my various hard drives and catalogues to find images I may have grown to like over time.  I thought I’d share a few images here that I’ve found again and decided I actually quite enjoy them.


I took the above shot when I first started getting back into medium format film.  It was one of my first scans whilst I was still learning how it all worked but looking back I feel that it’s actually a perfectly good scan and I actually like the shot. When I was shooting I remember the contrast of not only the colour of the tree against the darker ones behind, but also the change in direction which helped it to stand out.  I believe I shot this on Ilford Pan F+ which I have stopped shooting recently in favour of Delta 100 as I began to find the contrast hard to work with.  I’m not sure whether this was a case of the chemicals I was using to develop the negatives or the way I scanned but after finding a few rolls I really want to try it again.


I recently re-edited this shot for my Mum as she wanted as a gift for a friend and it reminded me about how much I like this spot.  I have shot here a fair few times but this was one of my first times with film and it showed me just how wide a dynamic range black and white film has.  I love the repeating pattern of the trees and the high contrast the shot has.  I remember being annoyed that the highlights were quite blown when I originally shot it but I think it adds to the image in retrospect.


This was one of my first runs of colour film that I developed myself and getting to grips with scanning the film was certainly the harder experience.  Trying to achieve the colours I saw and felt the film would have captured was quite a learning curve and it was easy to go too far with either warming or cooling, saturation and contrast.  I feel I’ve begun to improve with this process but I still seem to feel I am finding my own routine that works for me.


I don’t shoot Ektar a lot and I’m not really sure why as I quite often end up with results I really like.  This is one such image where I only had a couple of rolls of Ektar left so I reluctantly loaded it and shot that evening with it.  I ended up liking these images more than the shots I took on Velvia and Provia and I have since really enjoyed other results with it.  One thing I have noticed though is that scanners seem to want to scan it in quite dark and when pushed there seems to be a lot more colour detail than you expect.  So I think I will take it at less face value from now on.


Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my little walk back through a few images I have recently re-edited.  I think I may go through my negative folder and do a few scans too as there are so many images I have never even scanned once!